About us

Singapore Chinese Physicians' Association (SCPA) is Singapore's largest Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) organisation, and was established in 1946 with the aims of promoting academic  research in TCM, cultivating talents in TCM, espousing medical principles, improving medical standards, providing free medical consultations for the community and contributing to the medical cause, contacting fellow colleagues and seeking common interests.

SCPA's subsidiaries include Chung Hwa Medical Institution, Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chung Hwa Medical & Drugs Research Institute and Chung Hwa Acupuncture Research Institution, focussing on medical services, TCM education and TCM research respectively, and at the same time, SCPA also has the largest TCM library in South East Asia, with more than 80,000 volumes of TCM works. SCPA currently has 1600 members, and holds an election for 31 Board members every 2 years.

Internationally, SCPA has served on the Executive Committee of the World Federation of Acupuncture as Vice Chairman, and actively participates in the activities of the World TCM Association. SCPA is also on the executive council of the World TCM Association and SCPA consultant Dr Liang Shi Hai has been appointed as the expert advisor of the Council.