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About us

Singapore Chinese Physicians' Association (SCPA) is Singapore's largest Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) organization, and was established in 1946 with the objectives to do research in traditional Chinese medicine, to raise the standard of medical treatment and to develop free Chinese medical services; to bring about unity among Singapore Chinese Physicians, to protect their general interests, and to make contributions to the healthcare industry of Singapore; to establish contact with Chinese physicians in other parts of the world, and to collectively promote Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Currently SCPA has 1600 members and SCPA's subsidiaries include Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution, Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chung Hwa Medical & Drugs Research Institute and Chung Hwa Acupuncture Research Institution, focusing on medical services, TCM education and TCM research respectively, and at the same time, SCPA also has the largest TCM library in South East Asia, with more than 90,000 volumes of TCM works. Located at the Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution Toa Payoh Headquarter, the Herb Garden cultivates a variety of local common herbs, serving as reference for Traditional Chinese Medicine training and research.

Being the secretariat for the Singapore Coordinating Committee of Chinese Medical Organizations (STCMOCC), SCPA plays a crucial role in promoting Singapore TCM development.

Regionally, SCPA is the Secretariat of the Asean Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Organizations, in charge of initiating and organizing the Asean regional TCM medical congress/symposium on time.

Internationally, SCPA actively promotes the development of TCM, taking up key position in the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS) and the World Federation of Acupuncture (SWFAS) while providing advice to related organization.